Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ho voglia di pattinare con te

I don't know what I have been doing with my time. When Ballando con le stelle ended on January 6, I sadly contemplated life without a weekly hit of Milly Carlucci, without wondering if her ponytail was fake, without a supertight close-up on Antonio Cupo as he recited poetry to le donne (that's right, Antonio, on Italian TV you can be who you are). I felt the joy of Fiona May and Raimondo Todaro's victory, and nodded smugly as Hoara Borselli was relegated to fourth place.

And Notte sul ghiaccio, the Italian version of Stars on Ice or whatever it's called in the U.S., has been on this whole time? I was alerted to it, finally, while watching an episode of Prova del cuoco in which the two contestants in gara were from the show. Listening to Antonella Clerici has never steered me wrong, why do I ever turn away?

[...phew...I just checked the official website and I've only missed a week. Oh, and there was Milly with skates casually slung over her shoulder...on the same set, it appears, as Ballando.]

Well, it's on, and my DVR is set for the next 2 Saturdays, so maybe between this and the upcoming San Remo festival I can really start blogging to an audience of one about Italian TV.

And there's always Prova del cuoco, if nothing else. The insufferable, unrelenting sapientone attitude of Beppe Bigazzi, the self-satisfied squeal of Anna Moroni's voice, marvelling at Antonella's fashion choices, bless her. And that segment where viewers guessed her weight sure didn't last long, did it? To do it at all, she deserves...something.

And why do the contestants always choose a bunch of tiny fish, like sardines, as their ingredient in the competition? Do people really eat those all the time? What is their appeal? You have to gut twelve of them and you end up with little more than a visceral pile of fish flaps.