Friday, November 05, 2004

Wow. So here's my blog.

Hello. Welcome to my blog *Sperta*
I guess I am just welcoming myself at this point which is fiiiine by me. So welcome me! Here is a place for you to put your thoughts and possibly photos, once you figure that out.

What is *Sperta*? I might ask myself.
Sperta is a calabrese word that describes a girl who is clever, together, in gamba.
Not for nothing, she knows what's what.
She can hold her own at work, in school, in the kitchen, at a party, or on a midnight scavenger hunt.
She sends thank-you notes.
She reads the newspaper and then recycles it.
She pays her bills on time.
She can whip up una bella pasta at the drop of a hat.
When called upon to do so, she can talk to anyone: a Prime Minister, a Grocer, a Japan-League baseball player, about anything: the Holy Roman Empire, the growing season of chickory, or the architecture of Gaudi.

Sperta girls through history:
Hildegard of Bingen
Livia of I, Claudius fame, in an evil sort of way.
Elizabeth Bennett (in England, in those days, it was called "accomplished")
Martha Stewart but she had a lot of help, I think.

I like to think I am sperta. Some of the time. But it is what I aim to be. It is what would make my mother proud.

By the way boys can be sperta too, but that's called spiertu.
I'm just sayin'.
So that is my first post. Anywhere.